Neumarkt/Cologne - There's never been so much texture: With "Meandra" Pfleiderer presents a surface with tangible depth.

With it the wood-based panel manufacturer not only provides further proof of how effective its finishing technology for direct faced panels and high-pressure laminates is. With "Meandra" Pfleiderer also offers a vivid surface, which otherwise only nature can produce.

Pfleiderer's Meandra receives the "interzum award 2015"

This also excited no less than the judges of the "interzum award – intelligent material & design". In their eyes "Meandra" is among the best new products of this year's "Interzum", the lead trade fair for the furniture and interior finishes industry in Cologne. They therefore awarded the texture a prize for "high product quality". "After all, no other texture manages to combine the contoured look of wood with a silky, tangible touch as well as this", confirms Sabine Spitz, who heads the decorative panel product management department at Pfleiderer. The wood-based panel manufacturer has therefore also put together a coordinated decor range for "Meandra", which consists of modern wood reproductions and plain colours and which rounds off the texture perfectly. "Each individual decor, in combination with this texture, develops a completely new, pleasant and tangible effect", says Sabine Spitz.

Like a natural river course

Particularly the classic colours; white, black, grey and magnolia, are enhanced enormously with "Meandra". They also show most clearly how this texture got its name: "It is derived from meander", explains Sabine Spitz and means the bends and curves, or oxbows, which run through the landscape. "After all, this texture runs through the plain colours and wood reproductions just like a natural river course."

Its irregular lines are showcased particularly well on the fronts of furniture and interior finishes. "Regardless of the decor, with "Meandra" you get a noticeably deep, silky surface feel", says Sabine Spitz: "And anyone looking for a particularly expressive, varied front and interior finish with effect will be thrilled with what "Meandra" does to our modern woods!"

From 2015 the new texture will be available in the especially selected decor range: for direct-faced panels in size 2800 x 2100 mm and for high-pressure laminates in size 5600 x 2070 mm.

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