Neumarkt/Cologne – Independently of its decor range, which is valid until 2016, each year Pfleiderer adds to its existing range to include brand new decor trends.

Alongside its range extension, which was presented at the Bau 2015 in Munich and shows twenty decorative new options to ensure the previous decor and texture diversity, in Cologne the decor trends 2015 will also be presented. With its completely new interpretations of wood and stone from 2015, the wood-based panel manufacturer is including other current trends, so that they are input into high-quality furniture and interiors. Pfleiderer will be presenting its new decors 2015 to the broad public from 5th to 8th May 2015 at the "Interzum" trade fair in Cologne (Hall 06.1, Stand D010 E019).

"Each individual decor is a highlight on its own", stated Ulrich Hartmann, which heads decor management at Pfleiderer and looks forward to enthusing customers for brand new designs with "Glamour Wood", "Birdie Beech" or "Oriental Stone". "Yet no matter how unique our new products are, they have one thing in common: They all have the potential of becoming modern classics."

"Triad of naturalness, elegance and ease"

Leading the way, the powerful elegant "Glamour Wood", which Pfleiderer has produced in light and dark – each silvery grey with wooden accents and clearly visible mother of pearl shimmer. "With this new interpretation of wood, we have succeeded in producing a wonderful triad of naturalness, elegance and ease", says Hartmann.

Where gleaming white is called for, but a plain colour would be too cool and monotonous, the new "Anderson Pine" is recommended. In its continuous white colouring, this softwood can be combined multi-functionally and therefore fits easily into all modern furniture concepts. "Whereby with this decor – more than with all the others – it depends on the angle from which the viewer looks at it", comments Hartmann: "From a distance it could also be found to be plain-coloured – plain and unpretentious. But seen close up the soft, warm character of the pine comes into effect in the colour of the trendy off-white."

"Birdie Beech" also has what it needs to become a classic. A beech decor, which Pfleiderer has produced in two different colours: Light-coloured, it is especially good for discreet designs, while the darker variant with its smoky hue appears more elegant – "especially if it is combined with fresh, bright colours".

A "Taxus" for timeless real wood look

The new "Taxus" unites light and dark in a single colour combination. Branches and cracks with depth effect characterise this decor, which suggests elemental solid wood, but is extremely usable. Well-balanced and varicoloured, the "Taxus" can be used for all objects and furniture for which the customer would like a timeless real wood look.

Anyone looking for a particularly fine real wood decor for their design will now also find what they want: "Altamira Walnut" has an impressive play of colours, is how Ulrich Hartmann explains the effect of this wood reproduction: "At the same time it holds itself in check, is less intensive as walnuts to date. It is therefore especially good for elegant pieces of furniture."

With the new "Panama Alder" Pfleiderer also has integrated an absolute all-rounder in its range. "This decor is based on alder wood", states Hartmann: "Yet you have to look closely to see this." After all, "Panama Alder" with its fresh colouring is so light that the figure of the wood is very restrained. "The advantage of this is that this decor, with its lightly brushed look and smoky pores is suitable for virtually every furniture concept – especially in combination with our matt design texture Mattlack."

Marble conquers new living areas

The unusual stone reproductions presented by Pfleiderer in Bad Salzuflen are also extremely diverse. "Silk Stone", for example, is a marble with light-coloured, soft flowing details on a dark background. "Wonderfully balanced, this decor fits particularly well in an environment where people cook, eat and enjoy", says Ulrich Hartmann: "Even small kitchens are given a certain proportional generosity with "Silk Stone"."

Yet marble reproductions are also becoming increasingly important in other living areas. "That was clear to see at the Milan furniture fair in 2014", reports the decor expert: "To encourage this trend, with "Oriental Stone" we have included a very modern, dynamic marble in our range." Elegant and warm, it can be combined particularly well with light-coloured wood or leather colours.

Perfectly puristic: Fair-faced concrete with "Smooth Concrete"

Whereby it is at the very least just as suitable for a thrilling partnership with fair-faced concrete. "Smooth Concrete" is the name Pfleiderer gives to its deliberately gentle interpretation of the otherwise so cold building material. In the "graphit" version, it even appears incredibly warm and elegant – "especially in combination with earthy, leathery colours", explains Hartmann. On the other hand, he recommends pastel colours and light-coloured wood for the lighter version of "Smooth Concrete": "The result is a perfectly puristic look."

The selection of new products is rounded off by two "salt and pepper decors", as "Galaxy light" and "Galaxy dark" are often called: Both colour combinations of this stone are speckled with black and white, "like a light, unobtrusive spice", says Hartmann: "Depending on the aspect the impression changes between a concave or convex modulated surface". Simply fascinating!

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