Microvellum's Extruded Product Builder lets users create machine-ready 3D products from simple 2D AutoCAD sections. Microvellum’s first product builder application, Extruded Product Builder, was previewed at the 2016 IWF  Atlanta show, and later released to the market in the Fall.
At AWFS Fair 2017 in Las Vegas, and at the WMS 2017 show in Toronto, Microvellum showed Extruded Product Builder, and a new application, Unique Product Builder, both based on the Builder Technology platform.
“Some users have labeled Microvellum’s Builder Technology as magic…”, says Microvellum's David Fairbanks. “It automates the process of creating complex products that often take days or weeks to engineer.” Users of this AutoCAD-based, time-saving tool can create one-off products in minutes.
Extruded Product Developer 
Microvellum debuted an updated version of Extruded Product Builder at AWFS 2017, and also presented it at WMS 2017 in Toronto in November. The latest release includes added functionality, automated tools and user-requested features.
Along with the updated version of Extruded Product Builder, a new product was also showcased. 
“After the successful launch of Extruded Product Builder, our development team started on the next product builder, Unique Product Builder.” said Fairbanks. “We wanted to provide users with a tool to quickly create one-off cabinets, products that may not exist in a library. We focused on using a visual means of designing and engineering products, a core principle of our Product Builder technology."  
Unique Product Builder was previewed at TechCon 2017, Microvellum’s annual User Group Conference and training event in Jacksonville, Oregon on April 27th. Similar to Extruded Product Builder, it enables users to create complex product from simple geometry, apply machining, and manipulate parts and construction methods in AutoCAD.  
An early adopter is Mortensen Woodwork, an Atlanta millwork firm.
“As a custom commercial millwork shop, we are encountering the need for custom cabinets that aren’t in our library on a daily basis," says Jacob Edmund, Engineering Manager for Mortensen Woodwork, Inc. in Atlanta. 
"Unique Product Builder finally addresses this need in a way that allows any of my engineers to visually create these products using simple tools, and without having to touch the spreadsheet." Edmund says an engineer who is relatively new to Microvellum, "can create solid products with accurate machining in a fraction of the time it used to take.” says Edmund. 


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