Scientists created a 3D-printable wood plastic material from wood waste.
HOUGHTON, Mi. - Scientists at Michigan Technology University have created 3D printable wood filament from furniture wood waste.
Wood waste, including solid slabs and sawdust of MDF, LDF, and melamine, was gathered from various furniture makers throughout Michigan. Waste was hammer milled, ground in a wood chipper, and sifted using a vibratory de-airng device. 
The resulting powder was then mixed and superheated with PLA plastic, becoming wood-plastic composite (WPC). Once cooled, the solidified material was again put into the wood chipper to prepare for the open-source recyclebot, a plastic extruder for filament making.
The material was tested on range of items, including a wooden cube, a doorknob, and a drawer handle. 
The research paper discussed in this article is titled Wood Furniture Waste-Based Recycled 3-D Printing Filament. It is co-authored by Adam M. Pringle, Mark Rudnicki, and Joshua Pearce. The authors hoped to find a better solution for the 150 tons of wood waste produced in Michigan every day.

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