Classic services such as remote service by dialing in on the machines, maintenance, face-to-face training or a comprehensive range of wear and spare parts are well established and ensure customer productions.

With additional new services, Homag aims to set a new benchmark.

Julian Spöcker, head of value added services, said, "To provide our customers with answers to current and future trends, Homag is expanding its service portfolio and improving existing services to an even more powerful level. In this way, our customers are future-proofed with us".

These current trends were described during a recent press conference at Homag Treff.

--Individualization in many areas. Customers, particularly smaller companies, need maximum flexibility in production and high machine availability when they need it.

--Sustainability. An increasingly important topic for customers and their entire company, and above all for the production process

--Digitization. Digital applications can simplify processes and make them more efficient, saving customers time and costs so that they can become more sustainable in the future.

With regard to individualization, Homag said that it offers new service concepts focused on small and medium-sized or industrial manufacturing customers. The aim is to provide every customer with the right individual service concept to enable them to work and further develop in the best possible way.

When it comes to sustainability, Homag is active on many levels. More than 90 percent of service cases are solved remotely by a global hotline team. This means short service times and less travel. Homag also offers new products that help to increase OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) often by more than 10 percent.

Digital services are also clearly focused systems. They help customers and Homag Life Cycle Service to address problems or even enable predictions to be made to make stoppages more predictable. Homag already has two application examples of this: the ServiceBoard, which many are already using, and the new serviceAssist, the professional self-help

Julian Spöcker explained the serviceAssist: "Imagine you have a problem with the machine. Unlike today, the machine immediately reports the error message to you via cell phone or tablet. But that's not all, the message will also provide you with recommended solutions that will immediately help you to solve the problem yourself.”

With the online training portfolio, customers can train themselves from the office or from home if, as is currently the case, no training is possible directly at the machine on site. This will also work if no real machine is available. Homag is currently working on a virtual training concept to offer customers a realistic training experience. This can then of course be accessed and practiced simply and as often as required.

Wear and spare parts are essential for the operation of machines and production lines. In order to make the procurement and handling of these and many other services easier, Homag is constantly expanding its eShop. Just in time for the live event and the 60th anniversary of Homag, they are offering our customers a 6 percent discount on spare parts and trainings ordered in the eShop by customers located in Germany and Austria until December 31, 2020.


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