How do you make the decision to purchase a new machine?

We looked back and came up with this list of things to consider when buying machinery at any upcoming event.

  • Does the company have a track record in producing and selling woodworking equipment?
  • Will the new machine add versatility to your operation, performing more functions and processes?
  • Will the new machine add to production output, or simply replace an older existing machine?
  • Will the new machine interface with existing company systems and other machines?
  • Are there similar operations as yours that use the same equipment?
  • Can you talk to other users of the equipment before making a decision?
  • Does the machine require a lot of operator and maintenance training?
  • Is the machine flexible enough to allow for rapid and setups and changeovers?
  • Will the equipment meet production needs including feed speeds and motor capacity?
  • Does the machine make use of common tools and tool holding systems?
  • Can the machine be used with common material handling equipment?
  • How complete is the warranty of the machine?


What do you do when considering new equipment?

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