I am attempting to cut 5 1/4 " inch holes in scrap formica counters for dog and cat bowls. I have a hole saw to do the right size hole. The problem is the dril. I tried using a Harbor freight 3/8" drill and burned out the motor after 2 holes. My harbor freight drill press just spins a gouge in the surface and stops. There is not enough power and it just spins or stops ig I apply even the lightest downward pressure. I bought a "Heavy Duty" 1/2 inch hand drill from Harbor frieght. I clampped down my work and have a holding jig for the counter top. The bigger drill does "OK." But it also gets hot, binds sometimes with kickback. It will stop completely sometimes. I have to lift the drill resart it with out it drilling anything. I use a side handle to help hold the drill when drilling. But it is still an effort. I still worry, that one day the drill is going to kick back and there goes the femeroid artery. I would like to use a drill press instead. But, I don't want to make a mistake and buying the wrong thing again.. What can you recommend to make this task easier?