An illusionary floating mug sculpture that appears to pour liquefied colored pencils? Woodworker and artist Bobby Duke says yes.
The Texas-based woodworking artist and YouTube star cleverly carved the sculpture from a single block of basswood. The 'liquid' is made from hundreds of Crayola colored pencils glued together and sanded to create an illusion of floating - and forming a 'splash' at the base. Duke used a clear resin finish to make the sculpture shine.
The sculpture is for sale on Ebay, with a portion of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Duke is a popular YouTuber - filming the creation of all of his pieces to over 250,000 YouTube subscribers. Duke's woodworking and video skills aren't the only factors contributing to his popularity.
"In this video, we travel yet further into my twisted mind and sense of humor," says Duke in the video's introduction. The video takes viewers through Duke's entire building process (and sense of humor). Check it out below.

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